Graduation Day Pride

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, the first official day of summer vacation for me and I am finally going to delve deep into the lazy feel-good days of summer.  But before I do that, here’s a little recap of the wonderful weekend I had to start my summer… Graduation Day Saturday was graduation day at … More Graduation Day Pride

Thinking Out Loud

Another Monday night, another week ahead!  I don’t know, maybe it’s because I don’t feel good, but I’m not feeling so great, mentally, these past few days either.  I’ve had a bad head cold and aches and pains since Saturday and I’m feeling more tired than I think I’ve ever felt before.  The mental part … More Thinking Out Loud

My Four Graduates

Today is Graduation Day for the high school in which I work, and I always attend when I have students taking that last, glorious walk up to the podium to acknowledge their accomplishments.  This year I have two current and two former students of mine walking the walk and I couldn’t be prouder. I have … More My Four Graduates