Writing Wednesday

It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday again already.  Aside from being involved with the Blogging Challenge, life has continued to keep me away from writing and so all I’ve got for this edition of Writing Wednesday are my final entries from the challenge. Here’s the last of em: W is for Writing Wednesday Last week’s … More Writing Wednesday

Z…The Bronx Zoo

The very first job I ever had was in the Bronx Zoo.  No, my job wasn’t to feed the animals, although that would have been cool.  My job was as a busboy in one of the eateries in the park called the “Kiosk.”  The job wasn’t a glamorous one… in fact it was downright dirty!  … More Z…The Bronx Zoo

Y is for Youth

I probably could have done this post under the letter “A” for age, but since youth is really where it’s at these days, I’ll settle for this as my “Y” topic.  There’s an old saying that goes, “Youth is wasted on young people,” and I wholeheartedly agree with that.  Having had the 47 years of … More Y is for Youth

V is for Aunt Vi

Vincenza Mancuso, “Aunt Vi,” is my grandmother’s sister. A little over a month ago, she turned a whopping 101 years of age. Aunt Vi never had any children of her own, but family has always been important to her and she always took an active role in the lives of the entire extended family, especially … More V is for Aunt Vi

U is for Umbrellas, Unibrows, Underwear and so many other Unique things…

Ugh, this was a tough one to begin with, and then it got even tougher! Today is the 21st day of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, the letter “U.” Usually (ha, a “U” word!), I already have something in mind, topic-wise, heading into the day, but with this one I was shooting … More U is for Umbrellas, Unibrows, Underwear and so many other Unique things…