A Time for Dying

There’s been a chill in the air lately.  Autumn is in full swing, and another year moves quickly along towards the end of its life.  Trees are baring their leaves at a furious pace, and little by little, it’s starting to feel like a sad ending. Flickr Maybe I’m just in this state of thought … More A Time for Dying

Marley & Me?

I know that there are a gazillion people out there who consider themselves dog lovers, and I am not one of them.  Oh sure, I do love dogs, but I’ve never been in a situation in life where I’d ever even consider having one as a pet.  Dogs are cute and lovable and playful and … More Marley & Me?


fantasticallore Owls are among the most mysterious of bird species.  Perhaps this is because they are nocturnal and rarely seen in the wild.  There are many superstitions about owls, as there are with other such mythical creatures, such as bats, cats, crows and the like.  Indeed, the Internet abounds with such superstitions about owls that exist all … More Owls

Z…The Bronx Zoo

The very first job I ever had was in the Bronx Zoo.  No, my job wasn’t to feed the animals, although that would have been cool.  My job was as a busboy in one of the eateries in the park called the “Kiosk.”  The job wasn’t a glamorous one… in fact it was downright dirty!  … More Z…The Bronx Zoo

P is for Cool Photos

I am having a rough day! School/work has been absolutely hairy all week so far, and tomorrow doesn’t look any better. The dryer suddenly stopped working on the load of sheets that I had washed…which was all I had, leaving me to a mattress and box spring with no dressing (I finally got them to … More P is for Cool Photos


Every once in awhile I like to visit a blog called Ugly Overload. The site is dedicated to those unfortunate creatures that make us cringe at the mere sight of them for one reason or another, whether it’s a creepy crawly insect or a giant mutant ninja turtle. Every so often, the site publishes pictures … More Ugdorable!