Song of the Day – Walk of Shame – Pink

One step, two steps,
Counting tiles on the floor.
Three steps, four steps,
Guess this means that I’m a whore.
Oh oh, hell no,
How long till I reach the door?
F-ck me, my feet are sore

That’s me last night at Cherry’s on Fire Island.  After a day-long deluge brought on by Hurricane Arthur, the skies eventually cleared up and a few of us made our way to the Grove (and the Pines!) for a lil 4th of July fun.  The night was fun, that is, until I woke up this morning realizing I’d done a walk of shame after a few too many Long Beach Iced Teas.  I found this out from my good friend Blanche, who posted a picture of me on Facebook in all my drunken glory.  There’s no way I’m going to show that here, and if she doesn’t take that down soon, all I can say is revenge will be sweet my friend…
Here’s a little known video I made once upon a time to this very fun song.  It’s not nearly as good as my True Love, but it’s aight.

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