The Gay Real World, P-town – The Sun and Now a Moon; Final Tea and Goodbye

Like with any other vacation, it got sad once the week started coming to a close.  From that first tea dance last Saturday to the whale watching and the shopping and the bike riding and the dancing and the food and the drinking and the great company and everything else, I think we were all blissfully pooped by the time Friday rolled around.

For me, it was to be a low-key day, for the most part.  I started off with a last bike ride along Commercial St. down towards the East End and back.  Then I was planning on shopping a little before afternoon tea and one last night out dancing, but something else was on my mind.

The Sun and Now a Moon

Even before this trip, I had heard Gary say that he was thinking about getting a tattoo while he was in Provincetown.  It put a bug in my ear!  I have a tattoo, a sun, on my upper right arm, and I’ve always wanted another one of a moon in the same spot on the left arm.  So after returning my bike, I sauntered over to the tattoo parlor around the corner from the house to see what I could see.

I started perusing the tats, but didn’t really see anything I liked.  Then the hostess of the place came over and before you knew it, I’d made an appointment to come back in a half-hour for my new tattoo.  I have to say, this time was much easier than last (I got sick!).  Maybe it was because my tattoo artist, Austin, was a very cool guy.

He’d only gotten to P-town a couple of days earlier to help out with the summer crowds (apparently lots of people get tatted on their vacation.).  Originally from San Francisco, Austin is a well-traveled man, going global to practice his trade.  He recently went to Iceland, which is a destination I’ve been hearing a lot about lately.  He went for some tattoo convention and ate whale and puffin (I know, ewww!) and hung out in this cool-sounding natural spring.  Fascinating!

Anyway, Austin drew up a moon design that would match my sun in size and style, and at first I wasn’t sure, but with the colors he used I love it.  What do you think?

Final Tea and Goodbye P-town

After getting my tattoo I did some shopping and had lunch with some of the boys down by the water.  I went into a photography studio that was hella cool.  There, I discovered a photographer named Thomas Barbey who superimposes images over one another to make some very fascinating creations.  I didn’t buy any of his stuff, but I sure wanted to.  Click on his name to check out some of his work.

After shopping it was time to get ready for the last tea dance of the week and the final night of this wonderful place.  Tea was crowded with the leftovers from the week and the new arrivals for this week, which has a carnival theme.  A last few dances, a Planter’s punch or two, and a couple more laughs and before you knew it, the trip to Gay Disney was over…

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