Glee to Write Off Finn Hudson

I just heard that the writers of Glee have decided what they’re going to do with Corey Montieth’s character, Finn Hudson, in the new season.  “’The right thing to do for the show, at least at this point, is to have that character pass,’ series creator Ryan Murphy said.” (Queerty)  He also says that they’re going to do it in a way that doesn’t cause Montieth’s fellow actors to re-live the experience of losing such a close co-worker and friend at so young an age.

I agree that they need to write him out of the show by way of his character passing. That way, there’ll be no way that somehow or someway in the future they could bring back his character played by another actor.  That would be wrong.  Corey Montieth’s death is real life, and I never believed in sugar-coating things on TV or in movies.  Many of the viewers who watch the program are young, and they’re probably already dealing with the actor’s death in some way, so they should get a dose of reality when it comes to his character.

As for writing it so that the actors won’t “recreate the feelings of grief” they experienced just a couple of short weeks ago, well I’m afraid that’s not possible, and that’s probably a good thing. Having happened so recently and being in the state that they must all be in, how can they help but not relive the experience of his loss during filming?  Besides, that’ll come across more realistically and powerfully.

Murphy says that the episode in which this will happen “will deal directly with the incidents involved in Cory’s passing and the drug use in particular.” (Fox)  I like this idea, and it wasn’t unexpected.  One of the more recent episodes of the show dealt with school shootings, a touchy subject in itself that made me cringe watching it, but in a way I thought it was good, especially since I’m a teacher and the idea of that happening in my school is always in the back of mine and almost any teacher’s mind.

The show is planning to do public service announcements, presumably about drug use, during the show, which only adds to why they should keep it real.  The show has tackled some pretty big issues in its run, some more than others, but if anything good can come out of Montieth’s death, like preventing the overdose of just one viewer, then they should go for it! Bravo!   

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