A Trip to the Movies – A Movie Theater Ripoff; The Amazing Spiderman

One of the things I’ve been trying to do more of this summer is going to see movies.  I love movies, yet for some reason I only end up going once or twice a year.  So far in the last month I’ve seen two of them, The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman, and I’ll be going to see the new Batman when it comes out.

You might think from these that I only like superhero flicks.  Though I do like them, I do like other kinds of movies like comedies and horror, drama, suspense, and so on.  It just so happens that summer is blockbuster movie time and superhero movies usually fall into that category.

Another Movie Rip-Off

Any-who, the reason for this particular post is to talk about my visit to the Island-16 Cinemas in Holtsville the other night, and the newest Spiderman flick.  Something happened before we even got into seeing the film that really ticked me off.  One of my big beefs in life is how people always complain about how much money teachers make, yet they have no qualms about paying $15 bucks to see a movie so it’s star can earn in the millions for acting.  Doesn’t seem right, right?

Well, my pal Dita gets discounted movie tickets from his place of employment and so whenever we go, we only pay $7.50 a ticket, which is really not too bad.  Of course if you want to see the movie in 3D, that’s extra dough at the movie theater, but the other night we had to pay an ridiculous, extra $2.50, which really pisses me off! Why, you ask?  Well I’ll tell you…

The viewing we were going to see was some sort of special viewing where we picked our seats ahead of time and had waiter service before the movie.  For this, the tickets to this particular showing cost the extra two-fifty.  Otherwise we’d have had to wait another half-hour for the ‘regular’ screening.

Now, normally a summer blockbuster might cause you to have trouble finding a good seat, but it was Wednesday night and there were maybe 30 people inside.  And as for the wait service, now that’s just plain ridiculous!  As it were, my medium popcorn and medium soda cost me over ten bucks, which is of course a long-standing movie theater ripoff that I guess I’ve gotten used to, but to have to pay extra for being lazy enough to have my food brought too me inside the theater is simply ludicrous!

Right before the movie started, one of the workers at the theater yelled out that it was last call to place a food order, and it was only a reminder of how ridiculous the whole thing was.  Of course, no one placed an order.  In fact as far as I could see no one in the theater placed any orders whatsoever, so the theater got an extra $2,50 per person for doing absolutely nothing!  I even think the girl knew how much of a joke it was, for I could tell by the way she said it that she did.  But I’ll bet you’ll never see this in the editorial page of the newspaper.

The Amazing Spiderman

When I suggested that we go see the new Spiderman movie, I’ll admit that I knew relatively little about it.  For some reason I thought it would be a whole new story, but it seems that like they’ve been doing with the Batman series, they’ve started from scratch in a whole new way.  Now I enjoyed the Toby McGuire movies, but compared to this one they were a lot more serious.  This Spiderman film is more lighthearted and a little different.

For this film, 28 year-old Andrew Garfield plays the lead role, and this time Peter Parker/Spidey is a skater boy high school student with an appropriately relative sense of humor.  The movie takes the story from the beginning, where Peter is abandoned by his scientist father and his mother and left to live with his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field).  Peter is a kind of goofy skater-boy type who doesn’t quite fit in with his peers in high school, except for Gwen Stacy (played by Garfield’s real-life girlfriend Emma Stone).

When Peter discovers some of his father’s work notes, he decides to investigate further, leading him to his father’s old partner, Dr. Curt Conners.  Of course, a bite from a genetically engineered spider leads Peter to develop his unique powers and amusingly enough he has a little fun with it.  After Uncle Ben is murdered by a street thug, Peter decides to avenge his death by going after bad guys, and thus Spiderman is borne.

I won’t give away too much here in case you’d like to see it, but the super-villain in this one is a scary-looking lizard creature borne out of Dr. Conners’ work.  The film is action-packed, funny in parts and all around great entertainment.  I highly recommend it.  Oh, and that Andrew Garfield?  Adorable!  (I wish I had his hair!)

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