Writing Wednesday, June 20th, 2012: Let the Fun Begin; Hersheypark; This weekend on LI; Music News

Hey folks…Happy Hump Day!  It’s the last one of the school year for me.  Now don’t be jealous…unlike what many people think, summer is not all vacation for teachers.  Some of us have to work, including me.  Wahhhh!!!!!

Anyway, here’s your weekly Writing Wednesday:

Let the Fun Begin

After several sappy personal posts, it was nice to get back to writing about some good stuff as I enjoyed a great weekend last week.  Let’s hope it’s the start of better things to come!  Check out the post right here.


As I mentioned in a post the other day, I revamped an old review of the coasters of Hersheypark to include the all-new Skyrush roller coaster.  Oh, and I posted a video of one of my favorite Hershey coasters, Storm Runner.  Check out the review of this great park right here.

This Week on Long Island

As usual, there’s plenty of summer stuff to do around this expansive and beautiful island I live on, including a couple of great concerts, a horror film festival, outdoor festivals and more.  So if you live in the Long Island area, be sure to check out Things to do on Long Island this weekend.

Music News

There’ve been a couple of music tidbits mentioned here on John’s World this week. Check out these posts:

P!nk’s got a new song!

Madonna filming video for “Turn Up the Radio” in Italy

Well, that’s all she, um, he, wrote my friends.  Now that summer is finally here, I’m hoping to get a little busier with writing, so prepare yourselves, lol.  Enjoy the rest of this hot week!

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