Writing Wednesday, June 13th, 2012: Pride Month, The Weekend, Miscellany

Wednesday always seems to come so fast. Well, I guess time just goes fast in general.  It’s the one place I disagree with Madonna: time does not go by so slowly….  Anyway, let’s get right into what I’ve been writing about this week:

Pride Month

June is Pride month and I’ve been penning a few pieces, though not as many as I would like, on all of the celebrations coming up, culminating with the big show in NYC.  Last Saturday I went to the Long Island Pride Parade and Festival for the first time and I reviewed it on Examiner (The LI Pride Parade: A Day of Sunshine Despite the Gloom), and I wrote a little bit about it here, along with some photos (A Nice Gay Saturday).

Then a really cool thing happened, though it hasn’t been too cool since.  Let me explain…

A few weeks back I wrote a piece on the events around NYC’s Pride Week and I’ve been tweeting it as I do ever since.  Well a little while after a tweet on Monday, I got a reply from a Mr. Chris Frederick, who is the organizer for the whole thing.  He told me there were mistakes in the piece and after a little back and forth, I fixed them.  (In reality all but one mistake was made simply because I didn’t have information.)

Any who, some of the information he gave me lead me to write another piece, which is pretty self-explanatory from the title: Cyndi Lauper to Headline NYC’s ‘Dance on the Pier.‘  Cool, right?  I went to that dance during my first time at Pride a couple of years ago and I didn’t really have much fun…way too crowded, for one thing.  Anyway, the fact that Cyndi Lauper is going to be performing makes it very alluring once again…

Chris was a very nice guy, and he offered to give me quotes and official pictures, but since it’s the second to the last week of school, Mr. Myers has had very little time for writing (UGH!).  I wrote him back with the corrected piece, but I haven’t heard from him since.  Ah well, I guess he’s pretty busy, too!

The Weekend

I’ve got to say, doing these weekend event pieces for Examiner really gets my juices flowing.  Reading and writing about some of the many music and other outdoor festivals, shows and concerts really makes me wish I had time to do them all.  Anyway, I think as the summer plods along, things are heating up.  Lot’s of cool stuff This Weekend on Long Island.

Music Miscellany

I sometimes wish my job was being a writer full time, because there’s so much I never have time to get out there, especially concerning music.  This week I wanted to mention Madonna shooting a new video for “Turn Up the Radio” in Rome, the little backlash from Gaga over Madge’s little mash-up, Gaga’s concussion, P!nk’s gall bladder, and The Wanted possibly doing something with Jennifer Lopez, but I never got to any of that, lol.  The only music thing I posted, other than Song of the Day, was a little news bit about Lady Gaga having already completed most of her newest album.  Check out Gaga’s got a new album.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t write anymore because it’s way past my bedtime…Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for reading!

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