March 21st, 2012 – Writing Wednesday

Holy Smokes! This blog has had an amazing 48 hours, receiving more than 3,300 page views and counting over the last two days! I don’t think I’ll ever quite figure out exactly who the totality of my audience is, and sometimes the posts that get viewed surprise me.

For instance, one of the hottest posts was one I wrote last year called Happy Mother’s Day. I remember seeing that it was just Mother’s Day somewhere in the world just the other day, though I can’t for the life of me remember where. That post itself has gotten around 1,500 hits the past three days alone. No matter, the more people click on this blog, the better, so I’m pretty excited to see it doing so well and I thank you if you’re reading this now.

As I mentioned last week, I was planning on getting some writing done across the board, and voila! I did! Check it out:


Madonna Reaches Record 41st Number One Dance Record with “Gimme All Your Luvin'”

Last Friday, Billboard had published that Madonna’s “Gimme All Your Luvin'” was going to be reaching the top spot on its’ Hot Dance/Club Play chart for the week of March 31st. It’s the 41st song of hers to reach that pinnacle, which is by far more than anyone before her.


Orlando’s Fun Spot Action Park expansion to include new coasters

Any news of a new roller coaster is exciting to me, and a local Orlando amusement center is undergoing a huge expansion that will eventually feature two new thrill rides and a whole lot more!

John’s World

As usual, it’s been another busy week of posts here. Check out what you might have missed:

Apple-y Ever After, from Ben and Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor Celebrates Gay Marriage

I thought this news was worth a mention. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream unveiled a repackaging of their apple pie-flavored delicacy in honor of gay marriage and in conjunction with ongoing legal battles in England and elsewhere. Go Ben and Jerrys!

Finally, The Wanted to release a US album

When I first heard the news, I had to share it! The new record, simply called “The Wanted,” is due out in stores here on April 24th. Can’t wait! They’re also going to be playing here on Long Island this Sunday, March 25th at the Paramount in Huntington. The show’s being sponsored by BLI and you can check out an acoustic version of “Glad You Came” in a promo for the show here. Anyone wanna go with me?

Battle of the Brit Boy Bands: The Wanted vs. One Direction

Just when I thought The Wanted were starting to gain some great attention here in the States, along comes this other boy band called One Direction stealing some of the former’s thunder. Those newbies earlier today became the first British act to debut on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart at the number one spot with their album “Up All Night”, making music history. Congratulations to One Direction and here’s to some serious rivalry!

One Direction

Just Posted to Madonna’s World: New Madonna Album Party at The Ritz

Madonna’s World blog posted a flyer announcing the latest Madonnathon, which will hit The Ritz on Sunday, April 1st. Sunday, really? Grrrrrr….

The party’s going to be called “I’m Addicted to M.D.N.A.” and the new album will be out by then, so look for all the new tracks to be played that night. Again, grrrrrr!!!!!

Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” Video

And speaking of Madonna, eonline premiered her new video for “Girl Gone Wild” and it is fierce! Check out the title for my take on the video.

A Katy Perry and Rihanna Duet in the works

I switched the names in the title, because these two are both very high amongst pop royalty these days. This one’s gonna be major!

The Return of Missy…Kinda Sorta

This week Missy Elliot made an awesome singing cameo on a new song by hip-hop star J. COle. The song’s an awesome mix of hip hop and R&B and I’ve already posted it twice this week. Check it out if ya like a little R&B flavor with your hip hop. Can’t wait for her new album coming in June!

Back to the Personal

This was my first personal memoir in awhile and it recounts a Saturday night full of bowling and clubbing…


I reposted a couple of older pieces I’d written in the past in the hopes of getting them noticed again. One was an old phonology paper I’d written on the unique language of gay men. Check out Gayspeak.

Another piece I republished this week is an old poem about the wonderful feelings that come with this time of year, especially in a place that’s just experienced winter (though we really didn’t have too much of a winter this year!). Please see Spring Awakening.

Family Matters

Finally, just this morning I posted another poem I had written a couple of months ago, but never published. If any of you have ever had to deal with someone in your life who’s gone astray and feel helpless, then check out Open Your Eyes – It’s Up to You.

As always, thanks for checking me out!

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John’s World




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