January 27, 2011 – Snow days and other random thoughts

Snow Day

Today is a much appreciated snow day, a day where I can kick back, relax a little, and get stuff done. Many of us had been hoping for a snow day since we had almost 24 hours straight of precipitation in the form of mixed snow and ice, but even though it would have seemed a no brainer to make the decision yesterday, none of us got a call until this morning. Of course it was annoying because of sleep, or lack thereof.

You see, I’m the type of person who has trouble falling back into it once I’m awake, and I would have thought that with the icy mix pouring down last night coupled with the forecast for more overnight snow, I might’ve gotten the call last night. Instead, I got up with my alarm, a little surprised that the phone hadn’t already rung. I checked online to see if my school was listed. The site I looked at simply said, “no data available.”

It wasn’t until 5:30 or so (I get up around 5AM to get to work.) that I finally got the call. I tried jumping back into bed, but to no avail. So here I sit at my pc, thankful for the snow day, but wishing I was just getting up now instead of being up for 4 hours already. So I made myself a pot of coffee, just to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep, lol, and penned a piece about it on YCN. You can check out “Snow Days: Safety vs. Work” here.


I’ve been writing up a storm lately! Whether or not it’s to keep my mind occupied or I’m just addicted to getting myself out there is a moot point, but I’m starting to see great results. The two articles I published the other day, one about Valentine’s love songs and another about Weight Watchers, have been smoking up the page views. This morning, when I checked yesterday’s totals, I found out that I had just shy of 2,500 page views, pushing me over the quarter million mark! Hoo-rah!


Well it’s been three days since I last spoke to him. He’s back in school now and hopefully getting back to some kind of routine that will help him get himself back together. The day we spoke was his first day back and he seemed excited, as I would be. There’s always something about the start of a new semester…much like a new year: filled with fresh hope and optimism! You go boy!

Next week, I have tickets to see Robyn in concert at Radio City Music Hall. I love concerts and I love Robyn, so I’m really excited about it. I had bought the tickets way back in November and since we broke up, things were in the air as to what was going to happen with the other ticket. I’m happy to say that since we’ve come back into each other’s lives, he’ll be accompanying me. 🙂

One thought on “January 27, 2011 – Snow days and other random thoughts

  1. Woot! Have extra fun at the concert for me! 🙂 So glad you'll have company. Congrats on the pv's. Keep rockin' it.

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