SICKO: A Must See

Like him or not, Michael Moore has created a film that everyone can relate to and should take the time to see. With the recent release of the DVD version, Sicko is a movie that will shock and anger most Americans. Today, a majority of people seem to care more about Paris Hilton’s imprisonment (Michael … More SICKO: A Must See

Is gay a choice?

Did anyone ever consider that maybe God created homosexuality as a part of his Master Plan? Maybe he didn’t want the population from getting too large, too fast. Think about it. Most experts agree that approximately 10% of us are gay. That’s one in every ten people. If this figure is correct, imagine how many … More Is gay a choice?


I recently ended a relationship of 20 years and even though I was the one who ended it, the emotions I’m living through are tougher than I thought. I wrote this piece right after my birthday, when I was feeling a bit of the birthday blues. I hope to make it a starter for an … More Reflections